Christian Education

An introduction from Alisha…

Welcome to the world of ministry for children. The smiles of children making new discoveries, the energy of children in a group setting, the sounds of children in song and in learning, and the insights of children as God is present in their lives, all make for a fascinating ministry.

We as teachers, volunteers, parents, caregivers, and mentors are blessed with the most important resource for St. Paul’s ministry, our commitment to love and care for other members of our congregation. As a team, our job is to help fellow Christians on their journey as disciples of Jesus Christ. We are also the advocates of the children and youth at St. Paul’s.

Being appointed the Chairperson of the Education Committee in July 2002 has given me an opportunity to be a leader in our congregation. I like to work with our team to develop positive relationships to further our goals. Since I am only one person, I depend on volunteers like you to handle responsibilities that require more than one person. This is your opportunity to be involved with our ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Alisha Cooley, Christian Education Director