The Music Ministry at St. Paul’s

Vision Statement: To connect the people of God to the living Christ through music. 

Mission: To inspire the congregation to develop a deeper and more personal relationship with God through instrument and song. 

We believe music is one of God’s greatest gifts, and it has an important role to play in the life of our church. First, it enhances worship by giving praise, honor, and glory to God who has redeemed us through Jesus Christ. Second, vocal and instrumental music help convey feelings, ideas and responses that explain who God is and what faith means. Third, music gives us as worshippers a sense of participation through singing of hymns and by musicians performing and interpreting great music of inspired composers. Fourth, music helps us to connect to each other and to our God wherever we are on our faith journey. 

St. Paul’s is a congregation united in praising God through music and song. The music ministry provides children, youth and adults of all ages the opportunity to serve through song, enjoy fellowship through music, and witness to the congregation and to the wider community of believers.

2019 - 2020 Chancel Choir Schedule