St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 10, 2015
Serving the Living Lord....Past, Present and Future

Welcome to St. Paul's United Methodist Church! All are welcome to share the Lord's words and be a part of our Spiritual Family.

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Fall Harvest PotLuck
October 11th at 12 Noon
Bring a dish to share and get reacquainted with your "extended family!
Care packages with snacks, school supplies and handmade greetings will be sent to members living away from home in October.  Please submit addresses of college or trade school students, or military personnel to office by October 18th.
A six foot Christmas tree is needed by Eve Circle.  They will be decorating it and displaying at the Monroe County Historical Museum.  Please contact Robin Morr or the church office if you have a tree they can use.
Pop can tabs:  Support Ronald McDonald House
Ushers needed for 11 am service, 2nd Sunday of the month.  Talk to any usher, stop by the office, or call Jerry Sampsel at 734-243-6573.
We would love to have you join us for one
of our services which are held at 9:00 and
11:00.  Sunday School for all ages is 10:00.
St. Paul's United Methodist Church invites you to be part
of our church community.  Our address is 201 S. Monroe St,  
phone 734-242-3000.
Email address:
Sunday, October 11, 2015
Today's Theme: Store up for yourselves
     treasures in heaven - Matthew 6:20
Message:  "Learning to Let Go"
                                   - Rev. Evans C. Bentley                                
             9:00 Jim Morr
          11:00 Willie Lass
          9:00 Velma Mumby
          11:00 Jane Drumm and David Drumm
          9:00 Dean Rice/Denver Rice
          11:00 Evelyn Short/Alyssa LaRoy
         9:00  Jerry Sampsel, Jim Davis,
                    Kyle Cooley, Jeff Weaver,
                    Ken Vergowven
          11:00 Pascale Clevinger, Karen Zeestraten,
                    Gordon Doster
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