St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Saturday, December 20, 2014
Serving the Living Lord....Past, Present and Future

God Bless America!

Welcome to St. Paul's United Methodist Church! All are welcome to share the Lord's words and be a part of our Spiritual Family.

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St. Paul's has adopted 13 Salvation Army families for Christmas.  Sign-up sheets are on the atrium bulletin board.  Items must be at the church by 11:00 am on Saturday, December 20th.  Monetary contributions are also greatly appreciated.
The Family Christmas Tree is ready to decorate with an ornament representing your family.  Ornaments may be placed on the Christmas tree in the sanctuary.
Scholarship applications are now available at the church office and online.  Applications, along with current grade report, are due in the church office or postmarked by January 2015.
Pop can tabs:  Support Ronald McDonald House
Welcome Center Coordinator is needed to manage the Welcome Center, work with ushers, and coordinate greeters.
Worship schedule:  Worship time is 9:00 and
11:00. Sunday School for all ages is at 10:00.
St. Paul's United Methodist Church invites you to be part
of our church community.  Our address is 201 S. Monroe St,  
phone 734-242-3000.
Email address:
Sunday, December 14, 2014
Today's Theme: "The desert shall rejoice
and blossom."  Isaiah 35:1
 Message Joy that blooms in the Desert
                                    ~  Rev. Evans Bentley
         9:00 Stephanie Metzger
        11:00 Willie Lass
          9:00 Deb Foster/Rhonda Fogt-Shull
        11:00  Jannet Low
          9:00 Jordyn Helser/Daniel Snow
        11:00  Cailin Molenda/Alyssa LaRoy
         9:00 Jim Morr, Leon Burchette,
                    Todd Favreau, Rick Reicherd,
                    Bob Servis, Janet Volker
        11:00  Pascale Clevinger, Karen Zeenstraten                               
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